William Ahmann

William Ahmann

William Ahmann focuses on patent procurement, patent litigation defense, patent portfolio management and strategy, competitive analysis, legal opinions (primarily freedom-to-operate, invalidity, and non-infringement), and patent and technology licensing. Bill also assists with contract, establishing internal patent procurement programs, design patents, document retention policies, trade secret protection, trademark procurement, and copyright registration.

Bill’s practice focusses on Intellectual Property Law, primarily in the fields of software, telecommunications (and particularly wireless networks, including Wi-Fi and IoT), security, cryptography, electronics, electrical engineering, computer engineering, social networking, distributed networks, business methods, and the Internet.

Ex Parte Reexamination

Many clients come to Bill to assist with ex parte reexamination. Whether to invalidate a competitor’s patents during litigation or to protect the patent holder who is being threatened, Bill has extensive experience.

Bill’s success rate for invalidating patents with ex parte reexamination is 95%. Bill is familiar with both common and unusual reexamination tactics. As a result, Bill can often successfully invalidate a patent or anticipate arguments which provides valuable time to bolster a patent holder’s position.

We have found that ex parte reexamination can be a less expensive option (compared to litigation or inter partes reexamination) to attack and invalidate an aggressor’s patents. This is a valuable tool that is often overlooked in some law firm’s eagerness for more expensive options.

Bill has also conducted numerous seminars in strategic use of ex parte reexamination.


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